2023 Greenwich Leaders: U.S. Middle Market Banking

The 2023 Greenwich Share Leaders for U.S. Middle Market Banking are Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, PNC Bank, and Truist. These providers represent the largest market shares in commercial banking among businesses with sales of $10–500 million across the United States.

2023 Greenwich Share Leaders - U.S. Middle Market Banking

Don Raftery, Chris McDonnell, Kevin Seiler, Robert Akeson, Emma Bakshi, Toni Bell, and Andrew Rietz advise our commercial banking clients in the United States.

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Based on nearly 4,700 interviews with businesses with sales of $10–500 million across the United States. Share leaders are based on the proportion of the dollars available that is earned by the bank. Market Share is derived via: The total dollars available (Market Size), the proportion of companies that use the bank (Penetration), the proportion of the total Market Size those companies represent (Dollar-Weighted Penetration), and the proportion of those clients’ total spend/balances that is earned by the bank (Share of Wallet).