Client Intelligence - The Power of Q2

Combining Coalition Greenwich wallet data with real-time buy-side feedback provides forward-looking insights and accelerates a bank's ability to act immediately on their best opportunities and biggest risks.

Actionable signals: Opportunity / Risk Mitigation

  • Quantify the size of the opportunity and risk to your franchise
  • Identify systemic servicing issues impacting your wallet share
  • Isolate the biggest service quality gaps with your priority clients
  • Leverage year round insights to stay ahead of client trends

Extracting Exponential Value from
Coalition Greenwich Wallet Data

Prioritize immediate wallet opportunities

Identify the most addressable gaps based on the bank's current capabilities and client favorability

Isolate relationships where:

  • Client indicates their intention to allocate more business to you
  • Positive feedback on service levels exceeds your wallet capture

Identify risks to client revenues in realtime

Highlight client relationships where:

  • Client explicitly states your share is at risk
  • Feedback on service is negative or not aligned with wallet share
  • Specific competitors are stepping up

Support your strategic investment decision-making

Objective and standardized buy-side feedback, including:

  • Diagnostics to identify systemic servicing issues relative to key peers
  • Perspective on the changing competitive landscape
  • Insight into the buy side's evolving behaviors, needs and preferences

Client Intelligence Q2 is a powerful tool that generates near real-time insights, allowing banks to act immediately on their best opportunities and biggest risks. Client Intelligence Q2 gives users a unique perspective, combining quantitative and qualitative data to reveal how satisfied a particular client is with the bank's service, which specific issues are driving those satisfaction levels and whether the client intends to shift its business.