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Over the past three years, leveraged loan markets have been on the same roller coaster as the rest of the fixed-income market. The mostly floating rate market was a port in the storm as interest rates rose and drove down bond prices.
The derivatives market in 2024 will focus on increasing efficiency in response to key global and industry drivers that are adding costs and risks to trading desks.
Overall European equities commissions by U.K. and Continental mangers decreased 14% to $2.21 billion from $2.57
The investment management industry is far from having a universally accepted stance on ESG, with some even moving away from using the term ESG.
The federation of business communications channels into a single, secure interface is set to be a competitive differentiator for firms embracing this technology.
The Canadian equities market is undergoing a transformation marked by an embrace of electronic trading with an onus on sourcing liquidity in difficult-to-trade small and mid-cap names.
The U.S. equity trading landscape is a theater of evolution.
Investment banking profits are a two-sided coin. Revenues often make the headlines, but it can be reductions in spending that increasingly drive profitability.
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