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Our flagship competitive intelligence product, Competitor Analytics, sets the standard within the investment banking and financial services sector for performance and efficiency measurement across Equities Sales & Trading, FICC Sales & Trading, Origination, Advisory, Transaction Banking, Lending, and Securities Services.

Performance Benchmarking - Opportunity Sizing - Resource Planning

Competitor Analytics equip and enable our clients to understand their competitive landscape and make informed strategic decisions. The analytics cover:

  • The largest 15 global Investment Banks for 90+ products across Origination & Advisory, Equities Sales & Trading and FICC Sales & Trading and five regions
  • The largest 10 Transaction Banks for 15+ products across Cash Management, Trade Finance and Securities Services and four regions

Our Competitor Analytics product includes:


Performance Benchmarking

  • Named, quarterly analysis of revenues, headcount and productivity
  • Like-for-like benchmarking of performance through accounting/organisation adjustments
  • Output customisation to reflect each Bank’s business model and product taxonomy
  • Intelligence across all regions and products, highlighting outperformance and underperformance
  • Bespoke deep dive projects with granular insight into a product and/or country

Organizational Insight

  • Market trends and strategic insight related to business structure and client franchise
  • Business structures including reporting hierarchies and coverage models
  • Identification of executive management and business heads


Model Assessment

  • Comparison of RWA requirements for VaR, S-VaR, CVA, and IRC
  • Comparison of RWA requirements for counterparty credit
  • Identification of executive management and business heads

Risk Assessment

  • Benchmarking of actual RWA by business
  • Benchmarking of normalized RWA by business

Productivity Assessment

  • Revenues / normalised RWA, i.e. how much revenue generated per unit of risk taken


Benchmark Performance

  • Against named peers
  • On a quarterly basis matching strategy, planning and compensation cycles
  • On a like-for-like basis and to a Bank’s own business structure

Size the Leads and Gaps

  • Revenue opportunities / threats by business
  • Revenue opportunities / threats by region
  • Productivity outperformance / underperformance

Support Budget / Resource Planning

  • Resource budget planning by business and by region
  • Headcount allocation to optimise resources
  • Compensation analysis by business and by region