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Prospect Match is a sales enablement and productivity tool that equips Sales and Marketing Executives with unique data and detailed company-level information that helps to drive revenue.

Prospect Match scores and ranks companies by attractiveness, enabling Relationship Managers to target companies that have more product needs and are most likely to engage in new banking relationships.

This solution combines data about specific companies with machine learning models to calculate a Prospect Match score based on receptivity to new relationships and product needs.


Prospect Match screen shot

Key Information

Use Cases

Use Prospect Match to help Relationship Managers:

  • Easily find the most attractive prospects
  • Find and remediate attrition risks before revenue is lost
  • Identify opportunities to increase wallet share
  • Facilitate better pre-call planning and ensure a winning “first call”
  • Identify product needs specific to each company for a consultative selling approach


  • Use Prospect Match to focus on what makes a difference: Who are the incumbent providers? Are they weak or strong? Are product needs 100% met? Is this a company that is ready to make a change?
  • Prospect Match scores available for over 1.2 million U.S. companies can be integrated with bank internal sales enablement systems
  • Prospect scoring and prioritization that’s easily consumable for Relationship Managers
  • No more information overload – key indicators of prospect attractiveness are front and center
  • Allows Relationship Managers to spend more time on consultative sales and less time moonlighting as a data analyst